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== 3D Assets: ==
== 3D Assets: ==
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The Peregrine Cabana also known as (The Midnight Mole) is a soldier and travellers underground Tavern in the fictional world of Hammersmith Maiden, Located 40 floors below the picturesque [[Howldland Castle]] on the isle of [[Leintyne]]. Linking several isles via underground passageways and tunnels, it’s an ideal location to find travellers and traders from across the kingdom looking to trade wares or relax after a hard days work.


Historically used as a waypoint toll booth by the islands inhabitants seeking subterranean travel between the islands, it quickly became a meeting/trading market and was mined to accommodate and expand its usability in a number of circumstances, due to a further influx of traders from outside the kingdom arriving at multiple ports in ( ) the ruling King Loyston bequeathed the majority of the subterranean land to Keera Albins great grandfather in order to transform the ramshackle market space and dim-lit tunnels into an arrivals port and public house in order to aid comfort to travellers and traders going about their business in the once dark and shady corners of Loystons Kingdom.

Myths and Legends

 * The 42nd Floor.
 * The Mead Pit.
 * King Loystons Moring Drone.


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