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Welcome to Murr Wiki
By Fesothe 3D
This is a private wiki that contains documentation on projects, ideas, 3d, and assorted content made by myself Fesothe, and not all of it is furry related. My content will be spread across a few different blogs which you'll find listed below.

I've been in Second Life since 2006 and I have been using Opensim on and off for a few years, I'm planning to use Opensim to make Machinima, to do this I will have to create sets, scenes, scripts, avatars, animations and props, I don't know how far I will get but if you would like to follow my progress please follow my Snack Ferret blog from a link below. I'm also interested in animatronics and robotics if you would like to know what I'm up to please follow my furbrained blog.
Welcome to Murr Wiki

Fesothe 3D:

3D & 3D Software

Follow my blog for assorted 3d content.

Please subscribe to my YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/Fustachioed

Furbrained Ideas:

Follow the Furbrained Ideas blog for updates on my 3d printed animatronic and robotics projects.

Snack Ferret:

Follow Snack Ferret for updates on my Opensim projects.


Follow Furshows for updates.


"Furtainment Git Repositories"

Follow the Furtainment repository for code updates.

© 2006 – 2019 Velivian Fesothe. All rights reserved.