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* 3x Rail Kit
* 3x Rail Kit
* 3x 700w PSU
* 3x 700w PSU
* 1x Tripp Lite 1500VA/900W - [https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tripp-Lite-SmartPro-Line-Interactive-SMX1500LCD/dp/B000XTG0PW/ref=sr_1_13?keywords=rack+mount+apc&qid=1567282156&s=gateway&sr=8-13 APC]
= PC 1 =
= PC 1 =

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This is a list of items I need to purchase in order to complete projects and collect equipment to do projects, I am not asking for money or help with purchasing them and only the items listed are outstanding aka it does not list all ready purchased items and equipment. The reason it is here is to help me keep track and prioritize purchases from a multitude of websites, I do however have a shopping cart list on most sites but this makes it easier to see whats outstanding.

3D Printed Stage

3D Printed Robot Arm

  • Copper/Plastic Tubing
  • 3x Motors

Comms Rack

Server Rack

Printer Rack

  • 1x StarTech Rack 42U

42u - 30u - printers, 3u - shelves, 6u - server chassis, 3u - APC

PC 1

Laptop 1

Camera One (Go Pro)

Camera Two (Go Pro)

  • 1x Go Pro Hero 7, Black
  • 2x Boom Stand
  • 1x SanDisk Extreme - 64GB microSDXC

Camera Three (Go Pro)

  • 1x Go Pro Hero 7, Black
  • 1x Body Harness
  • 1x SanDisk Extreme - 64GB microSDXC

Camera Four (Go Pro)

Other Materials

1x Bag of Sand 15kg