Go Pro Hero 7 – For YouTube

So today I received my new Go Pro Hero 7 Black that I will be using to make short videos for YouTube, I’m surprised for the price they didn’t include a memory card but that’s easy to pick up, I’ll get a 64 gig memory card and if that’s not enough I’ll get the 256 gig version or I might just buy the 256 we’ll have to see what I choose at a later date.

I’ve decided to use an external microphone so I’ll need the adaptor, the microphone I will be purchasing is the Sennheiser MKE 440 Professional Stereo Shotgun Microphone.

I’ll be purchasing 3 more go pro hero 7 blacks over the coming year or two, as I need one more to shoot bird’s eye view assembling tutorials videos explaining how to build my and 3rd party 3d printed parts, components, and projects.

I need one that I can take out with me to Vlog when I attend 3d meetups and visit places, and one more as spare in case I damage any of them.

I intend to still use the go pros in coming years but I will be saving up to buy a full video camera.