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Jonathan Paul Curley - (Velivian Fesothe)

I’m a YouTuber from the United Kingdom, a 3D modeler and an avid 3d printer working towards making models for machinima (to be filmed in OpenSim) under the studio name Snack Ferret, and 3d printed animatronics, puppets, and robotics which you will now find listed on this website as and when created.

Velivian Fesothe is my fursona name of which I go by online or at (furcons & meets hopefully soon), my real name is Jonathan Paul Curley.

I’m a member of the furry fandom (a furry) and my fursona is robotic steampunk pirate “a ringmaster of robots” that is based on my Second Life avatar and is a combination of lion and rabbit parts.

I don’t yet have a fursuit but I am saving up and hope to buy one within the next 2 years so that I can attend local furmeets and furcons and start making furry themed videos for my furshows entertainment website.

The Fesothe3d website is a showcase of my 3d work and houses my product and merchandise store, which you can purchase to help support my YouTube channel, with 50% of direct merch profits going to support stray Romanian dogs via the non-profit organisation Bid to Save a Stray https://www.facebook.com/bidtosaveastray/. (I’m not affiliated with them but I will be donating to them as my chosen charity.)

If you would like to donate directly to them please send money through PayPal to [email protected]

Qualifications & Experience

I became a virtual mentor in Second Life sometime around 2006-2017 and worked on building a hub, mall, and a virtual university for DAZ3D.

Since then I have I have qualified in 3d printing with Ultimaker and gained the awards of Bronze & Silver (@3dgbire – 01/06/2016), and I’m looking at taking a Blender course at my local college, however, I have signed up with Udemy for a blender course and I’ll be doing as many other courses as I can online.

I was trained as a teacher/trainer, part of a 3d printed motorsport program (The Blair Project) after which I started 3d printing on the Ultimaker 2+ for a 3d teaching company I founded on the 19 September 2016 called FossaLab Technologies (now dissolved).

Where I helped children get started with 3D using Tinkercad, and I designed and developed several 3d printed items which you can find on my Sketchfab which will be remodelled and released on my Thingiverse account shortly.

I now use an Anycubic I3 Mega 3d printer at home as I find its cost around £200 – £300 and its patented build plate to be the one of the best in its price range.

I’m hoping to purchase 2 more Anycubic I3 Mega’s these will be the second and third FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printer’s I buy before I branch off to explore resin 3d printing.

I’ve printed in PLA, ABS & Wood and have some Metal that I wish to try before the end of the year.

Fesothe 3D - YouTube

I’m currently building a studio in my small bedroom so I can record as much of my 3d and gaming content as possible, I also plan to purchase a startech 42u rack so I can rackmount my 3d printers, octoprint, recording PCs, and a UPS to protect them from power spikes and power loss, however my AnyCubic I3 Mega can resume printing if there is a power loss but I still would like to have a UPS to provide the maximum protection I can afford.

Currently, my YouTube channel while still new will feature 360-degree model turntables, Time-lapse 3D prints, assorted commentary about developments in the 3d community, and vlogs of what I’m working on. I’ll also be gaming but I will focus on playing building games like Minecraft and Trove etc.

All my Minecraft buildings will be given away FREE and can be found at this link https://sketchfab.com/fesothe/collections/minecraft, I will have monthly giveaways of larger 3d prints which if you win you can paint at your leisure! which I will then feature on my channel provided you send me images or a video of the end result.

In the future, as my channel develops, and when I get my HGV licence I will be live streaming my mobile workshop, posting weekly videos of myself collecting waste to turn into recycled filament, posting videos of myself travelling around and dropping off orders and I will attend meetups to showcase my content and ideas.

To do this I’m looking to buy a 9.5 tone horsebox and 2 trailers so that each can be placed side by side and allow me to open them up on alternate sides to enlarge my workshop space. The centre will be covered by a tent hitched to both trailers. Having this setup will allow me to move from place to place working with people on their projects.

If you like or are interested in following what I’m working on, Please follow my “Fesothe 3D” YouTube channel at https://f3d.tel/2SEMZvO or if you want updates on my Open Simulator sets please subscribe to Snack Ferret at https://f3d.tel/2R7CK6F Thank You!

Second Life / OpenSim

I joined Second Life in 2006 where I started modelling using primitives and became a registered mentor, I can be found there as SteamPunk Gears, Roger Blackhawk, and Fluffy Scribe.

I’ve built several buildings over several sims for DAZ3D in Second Life and have worked on a standalone grid named DAZLife, all of which I’m rebuilding on my own OpenSim server.

I currently run a stand-alone OpenSim on a Core i3-2120 3.3GHz Server, 4GB Ram, 1TB HD & 500GB HD Backup, as part of my Patreon rewards I will be running an open simulator grid for people who wish to use my scripts, sets and equipment to film their own machinimas.

Below you will find “prim” concept images of DAZLife, DAZ University, DAZ Mall and DAZ Welcome Lighthouse, made prior to the introduction of Mesh in Second Life.

And my work in progress mesh University Building hosted on Sketchfab.

Below you will find an OpenSim “prim” rebuild of DAZLife, more work in progress images can be found on the Snack Ferret website.

More Information

If you’re looking for a great artist I recommend the artist I commissioned to draw my Second Life avatar as seen on this page, please check out @KariFloofFox on Twitter or view her contact details at https://trello.com/c/AIKHnCIN/39-my-contact-details.

Examples of my primitive and meshworks not featured on this website can be found on my Flickr at https://www.flickr.com/photos/fustachios-3d/albums.

I use Hexagon 2.5Silo 2 and Aartform Curvy 3.0 for the majority of my models.

More information about me and what I have done in the past can be found at https://en.wikifur.com/wiki/Fustachio or my own private wiki at http://fesothe3d.com/wiki/Fesothe.

If you would like to leave feedback you can do so under each post.