Velivian Fesothe

I’m a 3D modeller and avid 3d printer working towards making models for machinima (to be filmed in Opensim) and 3d printed animatronics, puppets and robotics. I go by Velivian Fesothe, Fesothe or my now somewhat defunct handle Fustachio online.

I’ve qualified in 3d printing with Ultimaker and gained the awards of Bronze & Silver (@3dgbire – 2017), though I now use an Anycubic I3 Mega 3d printer at home.

I joined Second Life in 2006 where I started modelling using primitives, I can be found there as: SteamPunk Gears, Roger Blackhawk and Fluffy Scribe. Examples of my primitive and mesh works not featured on this website can be found on my flickr at

I use Hexagon 2.5Silo 2 and Aartform Curvy 3.0 for the majority of my models.

More information about me and what I have done in the past can be found at or my own private wiki at

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Awards & Accreditations

Bronze Ultimaker (@3dgbire – 2017)

Silver Ultimaker (@3dgbire – 2017)