3D Printed Stage – Progress #1


Following in the steps of the 3d printed enclosure projects found on Thingiverse that utilize an Ikea table to provide a supportive framework, I’ve started planning my main opensource Thingiverse project, I’m going to create a 3d printed modular stage similar to a punch and Judy box that will be built on top of two open frame gorilla DJ stands.

And instead of using hand puppets I’m creating robotic creatures that I will program to perform a show and I will film it for my Furshows YouTube channel, I’m going to create bracing bars to link both of the stands, and create flexible 3d printed backgrounds that can rotate to provide background motion and scene changes.

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I’ve started by creating parts of the framework (box) that that can be 3d printed without supports and locked together with bolts. Sections can be printed and flipped to be assembled into place. I’ll eventually put a grove down the outside bars to attach a detailed cover to improve the overall aspects of the stage framework.

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